As a child, were you taught to eat everything on your plate?

If yes, today’s blog is for you.

The soundtrack to many of our childhoods was our mum or dad’s voice saying “you’re not leaving the table until your plate is clean, Missy.”

Growing up with this mealtime rule means many women – adult women – are stepping away from their dining tables feeling extremely bloated.

So if you’re saying “I can’t lose weight because my mum made me eat everything on my plate” then…lovely…

It’s truth time.

I’m declaring a statute of limitations on how long we can blame our parents for how they raised us!!!

You’re not a child anymore.

I get it.


Maybe you were punished if you didn’t clean your plate. Hundreds of women have shared memories about how there was:

-no telly

-no ice-cream

-no toys

…. until the plate was clean.

Who’s the boss?

Here’s the thing…

when you were six, your mum was the boss of you!

But who’s the boss of you now?

Anytime you overeat into that place of “omg my waistband is too tight”, that’s YOU punishing YOU.

You’re an adult now.

You have choices you didn’t have as a child.

When are you going to hand in your resignation to your parents’ Clean Plate Club? It’s well overdue!!!

Eating everything on your plate is a habit, and habits can be changed.

And I promise, your mum will be totally fine with it!

If you’d like help removing your mum’s voice from your head – so you can be the boss of you and how much your eat- then Lighten Up might be for you.



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